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1 hang freely; "the ornaments dangled from the tree"; "The light dropped from the ceiling" [syn: swing, drop]
2 cause to dangle or hang freely; "He dangled the ornaments from the Christmas tree"

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  1. to hang loosely with the ability to swing
    His feet would dangle in the water
  2. (ice hockey)(slang) the action of preforming a move or deke with the puck in order to get past a defender or goalie. Probably from It looks like he's dangling the puck on a string.
    He dangled around three players and the goalie to score.
  3. to hang or trail something loosely
    I like to sit on the edge and dangle my feet in the water.



  1. (intelligence) an agent of one intelligence agency or group who pretends to be interested in defecting or turning to another intelligence agency or group.
  2. (ice hockey)(slang) the action of dangling.
    That was a sick dangle for a great goal!

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Dangle may refer to:
  • a Dangle (espionage) is an agent of one intelligence agency or group who pretends to be interested in defecting or turning to another intelligence agency or group.
  • In ice hockey, a dangle is a variety of deke, where a player puts the puck far to the side of the opposing defenseman and flicks it diagonally through his legs. If successful, the defensemen turns to capture the puck, but is too late to stop the speeding player. Another kind of dangle is called a rainbow, where the player puts the puck behind him and flicks it over the defenseman and himself, leaving the defenseman looking like he just got dangled.
In other words, if you've got no angle, dangle.

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advertise, affect, air, around, bag, betoken, blazon forth, bob, bobble, brandish, breathe, bring forth, bring forward, bring into view, bring out, bring to notice, careen, cascade, coggle, daggle, demonstrate, depend, develop, disclose, display, divulge, drabble, drag, draggle, dramatize, drape, droop, emblazon, embody, enact, evidence, evince, exhibit, expose to view, express, fall, flap, flash, flaunt, flop, flourish, flow, fluctuate, flutter, follow, follow at heel, follow the crowd, give sign, give token, hang, hang about, hang down, highlight, hold up, illuminate, incarnate, indicate, librate, lop, lurch, make clear, make plain, manifest, materialize, mean, nod, nutate, oscillate, parade, pend, pendulate, perform, pitch, present, produce, put forth, put forward, reel, represent, resonate, reveal, rock, roll, roll out, sag, set forth, shake, show, show forth, sling, sport, spotlight, suspend, swag, sway, swing, token, toss, trail, trot out, trumpet, trumpet forth, unfold, vacillate, vaunt, vibrate, wag, waggle, wait, wave, waver, weep, wobble
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